About us


Your partner from the early R & D phases

  • Innovative models : ADMET ( ethically compliant ) , 3D models …
  • custom R & D with custom solutions
  • Valuation of your products
  • Offer including predictive in vitro assays to the regulatory testing

About Atoxigen

Founded in 2009 by Saadia BERRADA (Ph.D) , ATOXIGEN is a private CRO specializing in the assessment of

  • The general regulatory toxicology and genetics
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • Predictive toxicology (ADME Tox )
  • The efficiency of active and finished products

Atoxigen has the JEI status (up company) and is supported by: BPI France, Aquitaine Regional Council , EADS Development , FRED and was winner of Entrepreneurship Network of Aquitaine.