Efficacy testing of cosmetic products

Efficacy testing of cosmetic products


  • Genomic profile: Revealing the potential of actives

Genomics allows us to study the expression of specific genes in biological processes (skin barrier, antimicrobial peptide, apoptosis, markers of differentiation and markers of disease). We study the effects of your actives on the selected gene expression profile from a reconstructed epidermis model.

  • Inflammasome :  Anticipating allergic risks

The inflammasome is an intracellular multi protein that detects danger signals, both chemical and physical. It is activated early on in an immune response by sensitiser agents.

  • Anti-inflammatory (protection) or pro-inflammatory (irritation) effects

  • Anti-age effect

  • Anti-free radical (ROS, SOD…)

  • Protection of DNA (comet assay)

  • Detoxifying effect (autophagy)

  • Anti-pollution effect

  • Differentiation biomarkers (filaggrine, involucrine, loricrine)

  • Cellular renewal 

  • Pigmentation/ depigmentation

  • Antimicrobial peptides

    Efficacy testing of cosmetic product