ADME Tox Model

Zebrafish : Combines the advantages of in vivo and in vitro testing 

Atox4cast is an  ADME Toxmodel of zebrafish in the embryo-larvae stage.

The advantages of  Atox4cast® model :

  • A tool Go/no/Go
  • Representative of the toxicity in vivo
  • Detects early risks
  • Reduction of attrition and costs of development
  • Low quantity of compound is necessary
  • Utilising animal experimentation in compliance with the 3 R’s

zebra in english

Evaluation of :

Acute toxicity
Detection of endocrine disruptors by molecular RtPCR


Applications for product type

Evaluation of the general toxicity :

  • Nano-substances : Followed by the impact of nano materials in the physiological and morphological development of embryos
  • Pharmaceutical products : Go no Go

Evaluation of genotoxicity :

Micronucleus research:  (Patent 10 58505 / n°2 966 164)
We have adapted the guidelines of OECD (487) to the Zebrafish model. This model allows us to predict the carcinogenic effects of the substances and the early stages of development of the organism, retaining the economic advantages of the model.
  • Nano-substances
  • Pharmaceutical products